Manual Resurfacer ICE1

Manual Resurfacer. Resurfacer ICE1.

Resurfacer ICE1 is developed to simplify making of ice sheet on the outdoor rinks of small sizes. Manual resurfacer makes it much easier to process ice in case there is no ice resurfacer machine.

Before using ICE1 it is necessary to clear the ice sheet from snow by scraper or snow shovels.

Operating of the resurfacer is quite easy. Working principle: open the water supplying tap and drag ICE1 with you.

Operation Manual ICE1
  • Take the box of resurfacer and pu it on the ice.
  • Straighten gum trail so that it is located behind the machine and on the ice sheet.
  • Connect the handle to the box.
  • Link up hose ½ inch to the adaptor. Water supplying tap must be closed.
  • Open the water supply to the hose (recommended temperature +30/40 C) . Slowly open the water tap so that water is supplied evenly without making puddles.
  • Start movement carefully controlling the evenness of ice moistening.
  • Snow and ice crumbs which are collected in the snow tank should be taken to the edge of the rink and thrown away by shovel over the dashboard.
  • After processing the whole surface pour off water in order to avoid water freezing in the collector and tap. If water freezes, pour hot water on the collector and tap before the next session.