Machine For Cutting Ice Edge Along The Dashboards ICE38.

This machine is designed to make the ice sheet along the dashboard of the same level as the rest of the ice sheet. It removes ice “outgrowth” in zones which can not be processed by ice resurfacer.

Operation Manual ICE38
  • 1.Open throttle by lever in order to fill up the engine before the start.
  • 2.Start engine.
  • 3.As soon as the engine starts, return the throttle lever to the initial position.
  • 4.Firstly you should remove mostly protruding defects of ice. Start moving ICE38 with completely upstanding knives. As you reach the problematic area knife is lowered by the regulation wheel. After removing the defect, knife is going up and ICE 38 heads to the next problematic area where the procedure is repeated.
  • Safety note: never move ICE38 backwards with lowered knives. Before repeating the procedure of clearing you must lift the knives!

  • 5.As soon as all protruding fragments are removed, one should make the second circle around the arena.
  • 6.Knives are lowered until the emergence of ice crumbs. If needed one can adjust the depth of cutting (height of knives lowering) by regulation wheel.